He’s Beckoning

The last couple of days the word beckoning has been resounding softly in my mind. No doubt, we are living in times we’ve never seen before and it’s crazy to see that from one day to the next, life can change so suddenly. From one day to the next, we’re forced to cancel all the things WE had planned for our lives, be it social plans, school plans, travel plans, and even wedding plans. We were stopped in our tracks just like that. And just like that we’re reminded of how fragile life is and how unimportant some of our plans are.

I don’t believe in coincidences and I believe that timing is everything. One thing I know, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this, is that now is the time. The time to arise and shine, the time to shift gears, the time to surrender our plans, the time to answer the call we hear, the time to humble ourselves, the time to unite, the time to get back on our knees and find our way back to the secret place and just dwell there. He’s beckoning. He’s beckoning gently. Like a gentlemen who makes a gesture with his arm and gently invites you to come close. He’s inviting you.

Friends, accept the invitation He’s extending right now. Jesus is extending rest for your souls. But how can I rest, you may ask,  when there’s a virus going around and the world is in chaos? Valid question- but He promised a place of rest for those who come to Him. Take this time and enter that rest. I know social media is the main way we’re connecting right now and where we’re getting our information from, but maybe log off for just a day or two, quiet the noise and connect with the One who really matters. He has all the answers we need anyway.

Take this time to pray for our nation, pray for our families, pray for those affected by this virus, pray for the frontline workers. Or maybe just take this time and pray for yourself. If you’ve lost some of your faith or feel far away from God then maybe just sit in silence, put on a worship song that helps you connect with God and ask Him all that is in your heart. Remember, like a gentlemen, He’s extending His arm out to you. It’s time.

Come and sit with Me, Come and walk with Me. Come and talk to Me.

He’s beckoning…




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